Banneton 2 piece basket and accesories


2 Set 9 Inch and 10 Inch Banneton Proofing Baskets, Bread Proofing Basket +Bread Lame +Dough Scraper+ Linen Liner Cloth for Professional & Home Bakers

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  • ❤No Splinter & Smooth Surface: You love making bread but the bread basket you use is so bad? Worry no more! Our large bread basket is pure natural, free from dye and chemicals, design with comfortable and convenient. Smooth surface and no splinter, don't need to worry about hurting hands.
  • ❤Natural Rattan Cane Material: The dough has been shown to be whipped from the surface of the natural rattan to form a crispy round bread that is well removed and released. Once the dough is fermented in the basket, it can be taken out and baked to give you the flavor you want!
  • ❤Easy Cleaning & Unchangeable: High quality and natural rattan can effectively ensure that the bread basket does not change and keep it dry after clean. With linen liner cloth, making cleaning more convenient!
  • ❤Perfect Size For Baking Bread: 9 inch and 10 inch size bread baskets with dough scraper, washable linen cloth and Bread Lame. Works well with any recipe involving flour water salt and yeast. Crafted ridges and depth allow to produce floury ring patterns and thousands of European style loaves.
  • ❤Complies with German Food Safe: Complies with German Food Safe! So you can make healthier artisan bread for your little child and it will make much more fun to family. Indulge in the delicious taste of bread!